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Wholesale products offered by Luxxe Beauty available for bulk purchase to other salons, spas and boutiques to private label as your own. 

To order: Please send an email to


Bulk Ice Sculpt

The very popular Ice Sculpt Clay lotion used frozen to manipulate and shape the body. Curated by Luxxe Beauty.

Ice Sculpt Blends

(All blends help decrease adipose tissue and detox)

Citrus Blend (Helps tighten and tone skin) - 120 oz bottle $88

Coffee Blend (Great for cellulite & to promote circulation) - 120 oz bottle $88

Tumeric Blend (Great to help with hyperpigmentation) - 120 oz bottle $88

Red Wine Blend (Full of antioxidants and helps with inflammation) - 120 oz bottle $88


How your product will be packaged

- You will receive (8) 16 ounce bottles (15 ounce of product with room to shake to mix).

- 1 bottle = one 15 ounce block of Ice (for 1 area) or five 3 ounce facial blocks.

**FYI 2 blocks will need to be used for full body = 2 bottles

**Measurements are based on the molds that I personally use. Measurements may vary if you use your own size molds.


Recommend storage - Freeze for up to 12 months.


Ice Sculpt Starter Pack

Additional supply you may need to prepare and pack the ice blocks

- Vacuum Sealer 

- Vacuum Seal Bags

- Body Block Molds

- Face Block Molds

Ice Sculpt Supply.png
bulk waist wrap.jpg

Bulk Sculpting Belts

(10) Body Sculpting waist trainer belts. - $200



-Firm yet flexible compression

-Wide width band for more coverage area

-Can help to shape and contour your waist and hips

-Made from high quality, strong material that will not rip or snag

-Elastic band at one end to make it easier to put on by yourself

-Velcro to secure band with different levels of adjustment

-Wear the sculpting band to workout, while lounging or under clothing

-Also great for postpartum

-Easy to clean

-Replaces your waist trainer, no need to order different sizes.

- 13 feet long, one size fits most.

-Retails for $50 - $75 each!


Intense Sweat Activation Cream

Super intense sweat activation cream

-(10) jars - $150
-(20) jars - $280
-(30+)Jars - $12.50 each (min 30)
-(1)gallon - $270


-(10, 20 or 30+) 8 oz wide mouth jars
-Or 1 gallon (without jars - Split into (4) 32 oz bags)
-Clear plastic Jars, plastic Black lid
-1 gallon option available for you to package on your own
-Amazing citrus, eucalyptus scent
-No burning sensation
-You will receive an  ingredient list
-Retails for $25 - $35 each 8oz jar

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