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Non-Surgical BBL

Have you always wanted a BBL but the risks are too high? Non-surgical BBL is the new alternative to traditional surgical BBL's. By using state of the art technology and special formulation vitamins to increase fat production and build muscle in the buttocks without any harsh side effects and no downtime! 

Non-Surgical BBL Options

We offer 2 non-surgical BBL options based on your preference. Our Meso BBL service is our most popular BBL service. This minimally invasive service targets skin tightening, fat production and muscle building. Combined, this provided faster and more long lasting results. Our Non-invasive BBL service is for those who are not quite ready to venture into the minimally invasive service but would still like to plump and lift the butt. Both services will require multiple sessions to achieve results as well as maintenance sessions to maintain results. Results are permanent with both services, with maintenance sessions to maintain volume long term. Without maintenance sessions, results will maintain for about 6 months after the completion of your initial package. 

Non-Invasive BBL

For a non-invasive BBL, we first start on the back of the thighs by using wood therapy to break up fat deposits and loosen up fat cells. We then push up as much of the fatty tissue into the buttocks area for a non-invasive fat transfer. To encourage the fat cells to stay in place, we apply vacuum cups to the buttocks for an allotted amount of time. This helps the body to maintain the fat cells in this area. Typically 4-8 sessions are recommended for maximum results. Maintenance sessions are needed once a month for most to maintain results long term. Without maintenance sessions, results will maintain for about 6 months after the completion of your initial package. 

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Meso BBL

Meso BBL is a minimally-invasive service for BBL enhancement. We infusion serums into the skin with the use of Hyaluron air pen, Microneedeling or Electroporation devices. These advance technologies allow us to infuse serums into the skin without the use of needles. This can be done for skin tightening, muscle building, cellulite reduction and fat production or reduction. For the Meso BBL we used 2 specific serums that encourage muscle growth and to draw glucose to the area to encourage fat to deposit naturally into the area. Vacuum cups are also used in this service to help spread the serums as well as to encourage the shape and volume. 2-6 sessions are recommended based on body goals. Maintenance sessions are needed once every 2-3 months to maintain shape and volume. 

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