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Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, can restart the body! It is a service that almost everyone could benefit from. This type of massage encourages the natural process of moving toxins and cellular waste from the body which results in less swelling & bloating, fluid retention.

Post surgical Liposuction clients can also benefit from Lymphatic drainage services to reduce post op swelling as well as issues with fibrosis. 

Lymphatic Drainage 

Lymphatic drainage is something that naturally occurs in the body. Our Lymphatic system is the body's natural fluid waste processing system also known as the body's "sewage system". It is responsible from removing toxins and waste that accumulate in our blood. Though our body naturally does this, our lifestyle can negatively impact this natural process causing slow moving fluid and blockages. Things like poor diet, inactivity, high alcohol intake, injury as well as other negative everyday activities that we partake in can cause issues with our lymphatic system. 

Lymphatic Drainage "Detox"

For Lymphatic Drainage services we focus on stimulating the lymphatic system with the use of advanced techniques and technology to unblock lymph nodes, promote more efficient lymph circulation, and detoxification of the body. Depending on your goals, once a month Lymphatic drainage sessions are optimal for most. 

Post Op Lymphatic Drainage/Fibrosis Therapy

Post surgical liposuction requires special lymphatic drainage massages to help reduce swelling and release extra fluids during the healing process. Swelling can take up to a year to completely go down. Not receiving these massages can cause scar tissue build up called fibrosis which can make the treated are look lumpy, bumpy and uneven. Which is a more difficult process to relieve later on. Whether you're freshly out of surgery or you've been out for some time, we can help address your post surgical needs through our Lymphatic Drainage services. Multiple sessions needed to achieve optimal results. 


Post Op Lymphatic Drainage


Post Op Fibrosis Therapy

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