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Ice Sculpt

Our Ice Sculpting service is a unique way to break down fat and sculpt the body. Unlike our traditional fat reduction services, which uses advanced technology to heat up to burn fat, Ice Sculpt is a cold fat breakdown. During this unique cold therapy service we use a special formulated frozen clay lotion infused with herbs and essential oils to help activate thermogenesis and decrease fat. Basically the frozen clay is so cold that is causes that area of the body to use energy storages (fat) to warm up. This, paired with Metal Sculpting helps to further break down fat and sculpt. This service also helps to tone the body and also tighten skin not to mention, the frozen clay smells Ah-mazing! Oh and lets not forget, thermogenesis increases your metabolism and may cause you to continue to burn up to 500 calories per day for up to 2 weeks following your session.

One area or Full Body?

You want options? We got them! We offer 2 options for our Ice Sculpt service. Our more popular service option is the one area Ice Sculpt sessions which focus on a specific area for fat break down & sculpting. We also have the option to work on the whole body! This service works more on tightening and toning the body. 

Ice Sculpt (1 Area)

Ice Sculpt with a one area focus is great for those battling with trouble areas. We spend the full session working on this specific area, rotating between ice fat breakdown & sculpting until all ice has been dissolved.


Areas to choose from are: the abdomen, sides, back, thighs, calfs or upper arms.


Area may remain cold for a short period of time and temporary redness is completely normal. With this service, many see instant results! Tighter skin, firmer and more toned area. 

Ice Sculpt (Full Body)

Don't have a specific area to work on? Try our Full Body Ice Sculpt! Enjoy the chilling effect of our full body Ice Sculpt service. While we tone and tighten your whole body in one session. Fat Breakdown may not be as noticeable as our single area sessions, however you will definitely walk away feeling more toned and much tighter than when you started. 

Ready to get started?

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