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Free Consultation

Come see us for a free consultation! 

Let us help you achieve your body goals. Whether you are wanting to focus on one area or multiple areas, we have customizable packages available for everyone. 

Why a consultation is needed for new clients?

Consultations are a great introductory meeting for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us! Not only that, we want to make sure you are a good candidate for services to ensure you will receive great results. Our job is only 50% of the results, the other 50% is up to you! We want to make sure we are all on board with expectations and before/aftercare instructions to have a successful start on this amazing journey! 

Before your consultation?

To make sure you're off to a successful start, we want you to schedule a consultation with one of our amazing Body Sculpting specialist. You will be asked to complete New client forms prior to your appointment. Come prepared with your goals in mind and any questions you may have for us. Make sure to arrive on time! Consultation appointments typically run about 30 minutes, we want to discuss as much as possible and create your service plan during this time.

During your consultation?

During your consultation we will review your goals, what you perceive to be your problem areas, your current & past medical history, medication usage, and lifestyle habits. We may also take your biometrics and before/After photos to establish a baseline for your service plan. We will then curate a customized service plan based on your goals and our professional recommendations, discuss Pre/Post care instructions, payment options, and schedule your first session!

After your consultation

For best results, it's important to follow Pre/Post care instructions. If your specialist recommends adjustments to your lifestyle habits, it's important to try your best to make these changes so that you receive optimal results. Service plans are typically 8-12 week plans per cycle. Once you complete the max 10 week plan, you will go into your  maintenance plan. If your body goal has been achieved within your 12 week plan, then you will remain in maintenance to maintain your results, Maintenance sessions are typically 1 session every 1-2 months. If we have not yet achieved your goal, you will go into your maintenance plan for 8-12 weeks with 1 session every 4 weeks to maintain results but also to give your hard working body a rest. Once this maintenance plan is complete, you may start your next 12 week cycle. Remember, the more positive changes you make to your lifestyle, the faster you will receive results!

Services we offer:

- Fat Reduction & Sculpting

- Cellulite Reduction

- Ice Sculpt

- Lymphatic Drainage "Detox"

- Post Op Lymphatic Drainage

- Post Op Fibrosis Therapy

- Non-Surgical BBL

- Heat Detox

Ready to get started?

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